Copenhagen (2)

The year is almost over and I’m about to post some photos of our trip to Copenhagen in May. The year is almost over and I’m so grateful for this little trip and I hope that the new year will bring another one .. I’ve shown some photos here already but oh, I still have lots more.. So back to Copenhagen, again..

After our obligatory trips to Grundtvig’s Church (breathtaking, I’ve never seen anything like this before) and to the Rundtaarn and to the blue house and a boat trip on the city’s canals,

we headed to a museum that was a big hit with me. It was the Arbejdermuseet, the Worker’s museum. The museum will show you the life of the workers from the 50s. I’m a big fan of these kind of museums, top of the list.

We also visited an area of cute little streets right in the centre and I loved it a lot. A small town within Copenhagen. Terraced houses with gardens, playhouse for the children in the middle of the street and bikes and bikes everywhere. 

We also went to the Botanical Garden, of course. Nothing to explain here.. 

and because my blog posts are limited to 20 images, I’m afraid, I have to be back with some more images, unskyld.. 

Pyrus Botanicals

It was the second time that I’ve visited the beautiful walled garden of Pyrus Botanicals in Scotland. I usually cannot complain about the weather in Scotland and it wasn’t raining that day either but oh my, it was so very very windy. 
The first time I visited was when the fruit trees were in flowers and this time they were loaded with fruits.

I love their orchards so very much. I probably spent more time under the apple and pear trees but I think I managed to get some nice shots of the flowers crazily shaken by the wind. 

Yorkshire Dales

Yorkshire  always seemed to me like a far-far away county in England. I did visit York once (and I loved it) but I did feel some kind of special connection to the Yorkshire countryside. Well, I think I feel a special connection to the countryside no matter where! So, on our recent trip up to Scotland, we decided to stop in the Yorkshire Dales and discover some of its villages and its beautiful countryside. As expected, rain was forecasted. So shortly after we arrived to Appletreewick, it started to rain and it just got heavier and heavier by the time we left the Dales. Oh well, despite the rain, everything we saw was magical to me. 

We managed to have a nice walk in Appletreewick. Grassington was a bit too touristy for my liking. But we had lunch and a cup of tea there and quickly left for Kettlewell, which I really, really loved. By that time, we could hardly see from the rain so we continued our way on a tiny B road from Buckden and saw a lot of wet sheep, fast rivers, clouds and beautiful, beautiful countryside. I can’t wait to be back for a proper holiday.

All images taken with my (rainproof) iPhone.


(I took these photos with my iphone)

After a very early (4am) start yesterday, when I finished my shoot at a beautiful garden in Somerset, I was ready to go home and face the 2 hour drive before rush hour. But as I left the garden, I saw a sign for Stourhead (of National Trust). I decided if it was less than 10 miles from where I was, I was going to go. And it was.  The drive there only was worth it, absolutely beautiful road takes you to Stourhead, through the woods. The parking - as usual - was busy so I feared big crowds but because Stourhead is so big (1000 acres), it seemed like no one was there. 

As soon as I got out of the car, it started to rain, perfect. And so this grey sky and darkness welcomed me there, this made me so happy. On my walk around the lake, I first walked up to the Temple of Apollo, you might know it from Pride and Prejudice, but I couldn’t go inside as there was a wedding and they were all waiting for the rain to go away so I just walked back to the lake through the woods. By the lake there’s a Pantheon and a Gothic Cottage and plenty of grottos.. 

If I had to choose between seeing an overgrown and wild garden or a landscape garden, I’d chose the first one. However, I had a wonderful walk in this landscape garden, there’s something so peaceful about this place, something  I don’t feel at Blenheim, for example. The rain stopped, the sun appeared and by the time I left lake side. I headed to the walled garden.. I won’t add anything here, definitely not the most important part of Stourhead but it was my favourite.  

I quickly had a look at the house too and headed to eat something as it was already 3pm and having had nothing all day, I was starting to feel lightheaded. I’m so happy I stopped at Stourhead and so it became my number one choice for landscape gardens in England. More to check out, for sure. 

Kulturen i Lund

When we planned our Copenhagen trip in May, we knew we wanted to spend a day in Sweden. Malmö seemed a reasonable destination being very close to Copenhagen but instead, we chose Lund. And I’m so happy we did. It’s only an extra 10 minutes from Malmö by train and a much smaller (less busy) town. But the main reason for Lund was its open air museum called Kulturen. It is Sweden’s second oldest open-air museum after Skansen in Stockholm. I love love love open air museums, I love going into old houses and see how people used to live, what furniture they had, where they slept, how they cooked.. Ethnographic museums are one of my favourites, whenever I travel, I try to visit these as they give a very good insight into the history of people and cultures of a given country. So having just one day in Sweden, this museum was the best choice to find out about a little bit of history and a little bit of culture and a little bit of Sweden.

If you’re ever in Lund, do not miss this museum. 

Chez J. - part one

To me, this is a hygge house. Every time I’m here, it feels like time has stopped and everything is simply good. This is the house of my friend, Justine, who is an artist, a gardener and garden lover, whose dog is a good friend of my dog and who is an amazing person, so full of inspiration and kindness. Just like her house.
Next time I’ll bring you lots of photos from her garden, don’t expect anything less than a real piece of heaven.. 

Copenhagen (1)

In May, we went to Copenhagen for the first time but I do hope it wasn’t the last as we fell in love with the city. I hear that happens to many of us. And no wonder. I’m finding it hard to share the tons of images I want to so maybe I start with (some of) the ones I took with my iPhone. 
Funny thing is, I was really expecting a grey and rainy Copenhagen and what we got was heat and sunshine (and cold beer) so maybe time to go back for grey and rain!

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