Great Chalfield Manor

Medieval manor house par excellence. Another little gem of the National Trust although still privately owned and lived in, Chalfield Manor was my perfect stop on the way home from a shoot in Somerset. It was pouring rain so I only used my phone to take pictures but despite the rain, I absolutely loved discovering this beautiful garden.

Welcome to Yorkshire at Chelsea

This May has been a crazy busy month, with lots of travels but oh, with so many beautiful gardens! I started this week at the Chelsea Flower Show where I was happy to find yet another Welcome to Yorkshire garden. A little bit of magic in London, almost a fairy tale garden but most importantly, there were lots of foxgloves too. I will share more photos from Chelsea later on but I know that most of you loved this particular garden a lot, so here it comes..

Chatsworth House Gardens

When thinking of Chatsworth, only such words as magnificent, elegant, grandiose, lavish.. and so on come to my mind. But then please, is there a walled garden? A vegetable garden? A cutting flower garden? Not that these couldn’t be elegant or magnificent but well, I know you know what I mean. And yes, there is, all of the above. And that’s exactly where I spent 95% of my first time ever at Chatsworth.

I almost went to Chatsworth in the Summer when I was in the area but the harsh Summer sunshine and heat just put me off. This time, I got soaked. I was locking my car thinking, shall I take my rain jacket? Hm .. So my photos are quite limited due to the fact that my camera (or my cardigan for that matter) is not waterproof.

At the garden entrance (of course I only bought a ticket to see the gardens, the house will have to wait) a a very friendly member of staff gave me a detailed map of the statues in the garden and I almost said to him, please, please, keep it, just point me to the direction of the kitchen garden. I’ve been following Becky Crowley, the super-talented flower grower of Chatsworth, on Instagram for quite a while now so seeing the gardens almost felt familiar. It’s such a shame she was on holiday as I would have loved to meet her but I’m sure I’ll be back very soon. Until then, here are some of the images I took that day.

By this time the rain was quite heavy. My final rain shelter was the first Duke’s Greenhouse, that was also a very inspirational space, I loved it a lot.

Château de Miromesnil

I was commissioned by the designer of a beautiful garden to photograph their magical garden in Normandy. When I planned my journey and realized I might have some time before catching the ferry back to England and miraculously found this château very close to the ferry so off I went to visit it.. 

Birthplace of Maupassant, many visitors come here because of him. Although I studied literature (in France), oh how times change, it would have been different years ago but now I was mostly drawn by its vegetable garden that is right next to the château and not hidden somewhere at the back of the park. The place is a little bit on the shabby chic side and they clearly need all the help they can get to preserve this beautiful building and to create an inviting vegetable and flower garden. So if you’re ever crossing to Dieppe, it’s just 15 minutes from the car ferry, I absolutely recommend to visit and join the guided tour as well (if you’re a French speaker) which is very informative and gives a lot of interesting details about the past of the château. Voilà..