Chastleton House

I realize I haven’t posted for ages and the story is the same as before, let the pictures talk for themselves. Absolutely LOVED visiting Chastleton House. Read all about it here and see what I saw there below.. Enjoy! And visit it if you can. An absolute treasure.

PS - I updated this post as I went back soon after the first visit with friends and added some more photos and separated the garden form the house into two blog posts. Voilà.

Great Chalfield Manor

Medieval manor house par excellence. Another little gem of the National Trust although still privately owned and lived in, Chalfield Manor was my perfect stop on the way home from a shoot in Somerset. It was pouring rain so I only used my phone to take pictures but despite the rain, I absolutely loved discovering this beautiful garden.


Swyncombe to me is the most peaceful place around us. Whenever I want to be somewhere quiet, I take a short drive to Swyncombe. But I also go there every early Spring when the snowdrops appear and cover the churchyard with their tiny white bells. The snowdrops are returning soon so if you’re planning a visit, keep an eye on the church’s website for the best times to go. Here’s what you’ll find ..

Boxing Day Walk in the Cotswolds

I do love the Cotswolds. It’s not too far from us and we’re lucky with the traffic around Oxford, we can get there within almost half an hour. Although I love a walk when we don’t have to use the car, I really fancied a walk somewhere else. So off we went. to the tiny village of Swinbrook in the Cotswolds. We parked at the churchyard and took a walk along the river Windrush. One of the most beautiful part of our walk was the tiny St Oswald’s Church in Widford. In 1904 it was found to have been built on the base of a Roman house or temple. It’s mainly from the 13th century but it has remnants of an 11th century Saxon or Norman building. Wonderful church to visit especially at Christmas time.

Christmas Day Walk

And after our champagne breakfast, it was time for a walk. We didn’t go too far, only our neighbouring village. The park, of the big house, has lots of beautiful Lebanon cedars and its lake has swans and if you’re lucky you can see a kingfisher too. And if you’re even luckier, you’ll find snowdrops in the churchyards on Christmas Day. Happy Christmas!

Pishill Birthday walk

I think this December walk in Pishill might become one of my favourite traditions. We went last year as well, it was much colder then and Christmas was nearer too. This year it was really mild but it was still festive and just the loveliest Birthday gift I could get. So here’s some pictures from our walk today in the most beautiful countryside around Pishill and then tea and cake at the church. Thank you so-so much Justine and Stanley!