Pre Christmas walk

Today we met up with my friend Justine and her wonderful dog, Stanley. I emphasize wonderful as not long after we started our walk, Henry decided he wanted to explore the deep, unknown woods and off he went. I got a bit worried and I knew the more you call him the deafer he becomes. But there was Stanley. He understood my worrying face and voice and he ran after Henry and found him and brought him back! Wee pals. 


After the incident, we all enjoyed the rest of the walk and Henry wasn’t always on the leash, he had some good runs with Stanley and other dogs. Then back on the leash through big woods. And to the church for a cup of tea and mince pies. The church of Pishill couldn’t be more picturesque and tranquil. It overlooks the beautiful Stonor valley and you only hear the birds sing. And what’s more, you can enjoy a cup of tea (or coffee) there, just make sure you clean the mugs after you leave. Very British, isn’t it? So yes, it was another beautiful day..