hyacinth in garden trug and on grey linen with bulb and roots shown info
Tulip and daffodils bulbs arranged in half circle and displayed with twine and scissors info
Red apples in orchard and picked and displayed on wooden board and bowl info
Autumn images from the orchard with chickens, Autumn berries, yellow apples, red apples and chrysanthemum info
Yellow climbing rose and view from English country garden on English village church info
Freshly picked flower farm roses picked and displayed in a wooden box info
Honesty in an English country garden and watering can displayed by the perennial border info
Spring flowers displayed in photographed for House & Garden UK magazine, tulips with their bulbs info
A wall of sweet peas at Green and Gorgeous flower farm in Oxfordshire, gardener holding her dog whippet and close up of pink sweet pea flower info
Children on a farm in the Cotswolds in the Summer, girl holding a chicken in her hands and other boys and girls running carefree around the farm info
Green daffodils just cut and displayed on wooden board with scissors and green ribbons info
A sea of white alliums and close up info
Tulips bulbs in a paper bag labelled and tulip bulbs displayed side by side info
Garden shed and window covered in green ivy and blue forget me not info
Vintage old Victorian terracotta pots displayed with black ribbon info
Fritillaria uva vulpis freshly picked and flowering in the garden info
Freshly picked flowering snowdrops displayed on wooden board info
Snapdragons grown from seeds with seed packet and picked and as they grow in the garden info
Freshly picked yellow bright daffodils displayed with dark background info
Freshly picked ammi majus in traditional wooden trug on the bench of the garden shed with scissors and twine info
Golden yellow apples in an Autumn Orchard info
Photographs of flowers of an Autumn walled garden in an Oxfordshire village info
One stem of pink foxglove and its seeds with seed packed labelled foxgloves info
Aquilegia flower and its seeds displayed side by side info
Hollyhock flower and its seeds with seed packed info
Gardener standing by his garden shed holding a garden sieve and a garden fork, tulips flowering in a pot and old watering can info
Freshly picked bouquet of cosmos and book of Garden Flowers dispayed with black scissors and twine info
Astrantia flower heads and seeds displayed with small terracotta pot and garden twine info
Close up of a giant foxglove with bokeh info
Red chest robin sitting on an old wooden garden tool with Ammi visnaga info
Garden shed with colourful garden twines in a basked info
Photographs of Somerville Collage Gardens in Oxford and the gardeners, their produce info
Freshly picked foxgloves in a vase on an old garden bench in an English country garden info
Freshly picked dahlias in a wooden garden trug and close up of the dahlia heads info
Organic squash and victorian glasshouse at Tolhurst Organic in Berkshire info
Bright red Organic tomatoes growing in a row beautiful green leaves info
Tulip and daffodil and spring bulbs displayed with label and scissors and garden twine info
Pansies displayed at Greys Court National Trust walled garden, pansies auricula theatre
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