The Old Year

The old year. One not to forget about. One of the biggest years in my life with some big changes and 6 months on, I can finally say that I’ve moved on and it feels so good. But let’s start from the beginning. I won’t go into all the details but I’d like to give you a very nice flowery idea of how my year was. 

The year started with snowdrops and daffodils and the instant urge of wanting to garden right away. Luckily, it started early as I signed up for a Propagation Class at Green & Gorgeous Flowers and oh my, it was one of the most useful and informative classes I’ve ever had. Not to mention the seeds and dahlias I came home with and that covered the garden that year. This class is on

Spring also brought my first printed images in House&Garden. The images I worked on the year before again, with Green and Gorgeous Flowers. It was such an excitement! And it went on until dahlias in September. Have a look how these articles looked like. Some of these 6 articles have recently been published by House & Garden South Africa as well, so happy!

In May, I travelled to Italy with House&Garden where I photographed a garden and you can see it in their April issue so check that one out soon! While in Italy, we stayed in Sermoneta, look how beautiful this little town is.

By May, I used up almost all of my public holidays as I worked full time and I took holidays for my shoot days. I had worked for this company for 10 years and it was my second ever job and I loved it a lot, it was almost like a small family to me(before it really started to expand) and I travelled a lot thanks to work, so yes, on one hand it was a very very good job but on the other hand, my heart was in photography and the day came when I had to decide which one to choose. I cried all day on my last day and it took me months to let it go. But with the new year coming, I finally did! 

Due to this fact, our only holiday last year was a quick trip of 5 days to Copenhagen. It officially became my favourite city (maybe only because I haven’t been to Stockholm yet?) so yes, have a look at some of my photos here and here. We also went to Sweden for a day where we visited a wonderful museum.

That Summer, I wrote a little article for 91 magazine, you can read it here. I also started a collaboration with Botanika Floral in Sussex . We’re working on something flowery and creative that you’ll be able to see at the end of this year. I’m also I’m coming around to Bea’s if you sign up to her classes and would like a photographer to take photos of your floral creations, here are more details

During Summer and Autumn, I photographed a beautiful garden in Somerset. I can’t say much about it just yet but I’ll let you know as soon as I can. It was such amazing experience - and I really can’t describe it - being so close to nature and still in a garden designed by a wonderfully talented garden designer and the two being in perfect harmony. More on this, later this year! 

Summer also brought a beautiful collaboration of Blue Tin Produce and The Mill at Cuxham. I loved photographing this very relaxed, so friendly, super super delicious and beautiful-countrysidey event. 

I also did some styled shoots, including one in a beautiful country house. My super talented stylist neighbour was the stylist and it was again such a great experience, when you’re tired but still full of energy at the same time? We used a lot of ceramics from local artist Joanna Oliver’s ceramics for this shoot and also textiles from Jill Waite.

I was asked by The English Garden magazine to photograph an article of a wood-magician as I call him, this is in their current January 2018 issue.

Lucky me, I got to spend some time at Soho Farmhouse as a photographer. Just getting there from where I live, it’s always a magic trip itself, deep in the Cotswolds. Not something I can really share but you can see some images here. Well, just imagine a relaxed and stylish environment..

I started the year with a class and finished the year with a class. The finishing one was a Winter wreath class with Botanika Florals. I learnt so much and I’m very grateful for Bea for this class.

At the end of the year, when you get into the festive mood, I also created a gingerbread recipe book that you can still download here but also, you can read about it in the Chilterns Food Magazine. It’s only my photos but professional words of their editor. 

There was so much more there, including the remarkable ladies at Pyrus botanicals in Scotland, the lots of private gardens I had the chance to visit and photograph, I’m forever grateful for those who let me in their private space. I photographed for local businesses too, that sometimes included freezing cold mornings but just loved every second of those shoots too.
To remember the year and keep flowers around us all year, I created this calendar. Thank you for everyone who ordered one.

So yes, and the new year is here already, there will be definitely flowers but not only those! I’ll certainly keep you posted. If you like seeing my work and what I do, do come and read the blog or if you’d like me to come and photograph for you, do get in touch

Happy New Year!

Pre Christmas walk

Today we met up with my friend Justine and her wonderful dog, Stanley. I emphasize wonderful as not long after we started our walk, Henry decided he wanted to explore the deep, unknown woods and off he went. I got a bit worried and I knew the more you call him the deafer he becomes. But there was Stanley. He understood my worrying face and voice and he ran after Henry and found him and brought him back! Wee pals. 

After the incident, we all enjoyed the rest of the walk and Henry wasn’t always on the leash, he had some good runs with Stanley and other dogs. Then back on the leash through big woods. And to the church for a cup of tea and mince pies. The church of Pishill couldn’t be more picturesque and tranquil. It overlooks the beautiful Stonor valley and you only hear the birds sing. And what’s more, you can enjoy a cup of tea (or coffee) there, just make sure you clean the mugs after you leave. Very British, isn’t it? So yes, it was another beautiful day.. 

Great Milton and Le Manoir

I love Winter. I especially love very cold days when it’s dry and the sun is shining. This is how last Saturday was. And as our friend stayed, we went for a walk in Great Milton, a village near us. This pretty village is famous for Raymond Blanc’s Manoir. We didn’t go in for a nice cup of tea, no, but we decided to walk around the gardens. Even in the depth of Winter, the gardens were full of beauty and inspiration. 

The village itself is quite quintessentially English, thatched roofs, cosy cottages and hollyhock still flowering. And because until just a week ago it was very mild, there were many signs of Spring with cow parsley, snowdrops and daffodils showing off their greens. When Spring is back, I’ll be back too. 
All photos taken by my iPhone.

Winter Wreath Class

I always make a Christmas wreath for my door but it  is never conscious wreath making, I usually just tie together a bunch of silver birch branches (love, love) then add something seasonal and that’s it. So when Bea from Botanika said she was doing a Christmas Wreath Class, I jumped at the occasion. I absolutely love every floral arrangement she does, so I had no doubts that this workshop would be very much to my liking. 

There were all natural ingredients, lots of green, tea and coffee, hot spiced apple juice, mince pies and homemade cakes and a very friendly bunch of ladies. You could hear the sound of concentration in the room.

And the Northumberland moss slowly turned into a wreaths..

And voila some of the end results. That now all adorn our doors. 

This is the one I made

I left with so much inspiration and knowledge, I can’t wait to create another one and another one and .. 

I also left with a wonderful gift bag from Bea that she kindly put together for all the participants. This included detailed instructions on making a Christmas wreath, flower seeds from her own garden and her favourite Danish candles. Festive season, yes. 

Copenhagen (2)

The year is almost over and I’m about to post some photos of our trip to Copenhagen in May. The year is almost over and I’m so grateful for this little trip and I hope that the new year will bring another one .. I’ve shown some photos here already but oh, I still have lots more.. So back to Copenhagen, again..

After our obligatory trips to Grundtvig’s Church (breathtaking, I’ve never seen anything like this before) and to the Rundtaarn and to the blue house and a boat trip on the city’s canals,

we headed to a museum that was a big hit with me. It was the Arbejdermuseet, the Worker’s museum. The museum will show you the life of the workers from the 50s. I’m a big fan of these kind of museums, top of the list.

We also visited an area of cute little streets right in the centre and I loved it a lot. A small town within Copenhagen. Terraced houses with gardens, playhouse for the children in the middle of the street and bikes and bikes everywhere. 

We also went to the Botanical Garden, of course. Nothing to explain here.. 

and because my blog posts are limited to 20 images, I’m afraid, I have to be back with some more images, unskyld.. 

Pyrus Botanicals

It was the second time that I’ve visited the beautiful walled garden of Pyrus Botanicals in Scotland. I usually cannot complain about the weather in Scotland and it wasn’t raining that day either but oh my, it was so very very windy. 
The first time I visited was when the fruit trees were in flowers and this time they were loaded with fruits.

I love their orchards so very much. I probably spent more time under the apple and pear trees but I think I managed to get some nice shots of the flowers crazily shaken by the wind. 

Yorkshire Dales

Yorkshire  always seemed to me like a far-far away county in England. I did visit York once (and I loved it) but I did feel some kind of special connection to the Yorkshire countryside. Well, I think I feel a special connection to the countryside no matter where! So, on our recent trip up to Scotland, we decided to stop in the Yorkshire Dales and discover some of its villages and its beautiful countryside. As expected, rain was forecasted. So shortly after we arrived to Appletreewick, it started to rain and it just got heavier and heavier by the time we left the Dales. Oh well, despite the rain, everything we saw was magical to me. 

We managed to have a nice walk in Appletreewick. Grassington was a bit too touristy for my liking. But we had lunch and a cup of tea there and quickly left for Kettlewell, which I really, really loved. By that time, we could hardly see from the rain so we continued our way on a tiny B road from Buckden and saw a lot of wet sheep, fast rivers, clouds and beautiful, beautiful countryside. I can’t wait to be back for a proper holiday.

All images taken with my (rainproof) iPhone.

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