One to One Classes

I not only photograph plants, flowers and gardens but I also have a fondness for gardening. I admit my garden is far from perfect but I love every corner of it and the way it's constantly changing throughout the seasons (and always giving me something new to photograph). I'm lucky enough to photograph at private gardens but I do take a lot of images in my own garden. This place is my inspiration and it is here that I took the images that won me a Finalist title at the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition the year I started gardening in this garden. A good sign, don't you think?

I'm a teacher by profession and although my career took a different turn

 I still love teaching and I love sharing my knowledge

So here I'm combining my love of photography, teaching and gardening into 

one special course at a special place, my private garden 

The One to One Class


Understanding your own camera
Basic camera controls, photographic composition, use of light, shutter, aperture
Techniques relevant to perfecting your skills and knowledge
How to capture what you want to see in your images

Plenty of time to practice and talk about the images you'll take here

Also, an A4 print of one of the images you will take during the course

Price of the class is £295

The class includes lunch and light refreshments throughout the day
It typically runs from 10am - 2pm but timing can be discussed

This class is suitable for anyone using bridge or DSLR cameras
if you don't have a DSLR but would like to step up to that level,
you'll be able to use one during the course - please email me for details on that.

You can book this course online HERE.

If you're interested, please send me an email to for more details.

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